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who the hell is mawstars
probably the only (or one of few) guilds from the beginning of the game that i believe would beat hey im mvp in rateds.
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Cool story bro.
true story bro
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huh never heard of a guild called HIMVP but if mawstars beat them they must be pretty bad.
ive seen hey im mvp abbreviated as HIMVP many times but it may be just from WoW and they may not refer to themselves as that in swtor, dunno. if the "mawstars" you are referring to is the guild on the bastion that had 1 or 2 at the very most original members in it then youre right, that version of the guild would have been rolled. the version of mawstars from the server "the maw" before server transfers to the bastion happened would beat any rated team on any server though.