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Now, I know gear is one thing, but gear can only get you so far. I'm sure we all have had that 1 guildie who everybody likes, who's very nice to everyone, but they can't for the life of them learn to play their class properly, or react quickly to things in operations.

That said, sometim that same player is also insistent on getting to go, because they meet the "gear requirements"... unfortunately, they don't meet the skill requirements.

Anyways, just curious how others handle this issue. Do you hit it with them straight up? Do you try to sugarcoat it? Or do you go out of your way to carry them by placing them in overgeared and extremely skilled groups?
Usually, if this is the case; the best course of action is to try and mentor them after being straight up and telling them you can't put them in due to their skill. Offer tutoring chances, ways to improve themselves; etc. With a good raider/person, they will accept this and try very hard to make an improvement. If they do, great; if not, then you need to be honest with them and suggest that maybe the guild they're in now isn't the right place. If they flat out refuse the help, then honestly they're not someone you're going to want in raid from my own experience. You should ask them kindly to leave the guild, and find a new one.

Skill is a really tough thing to deal with in a raiding guild, you have to step around it carefully in situations like that :/