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uh, yes?

Thats like saying you want a rainbow brite unicorn mount, and a masterchief outfit, while calling yourself a Jedi.

The black lightsabers simply dont exist in any form in the Star Wars universe, hence a fan that wont touch them is most likely a bigger star wars fan then the guy/gal who would.
Wrong, they exist in this game, therefore they ARE part of the Star Wars universe. (btw, did you really just compare wanting a somewhat differently colored lightsaber than appears in the films to wanting things from totally unrelated IP's? REALLY? Exagerate much? Two can play at that game)

Oh wait, you're one of those this is canon that isn't sort of fan I'll bet (as if that really matter to the guy who was just asking how to get something he wanted and who most likely doesn't give a flying flip about your self apointed title as keeper of the list of who is a true Star Wars fan and who isn't).

Okay, I'll play your game Mr canon. SWTOR isn't canon because SW games aren't canon (as I saw someone in another thread claim yesterday) I guess that means Revan isn't canon because he only exists in Bioware games.

Attention! Attention! Attention! Everyone! Could I have your attention please? It's recently been pointed out that Revan is in fact NOT Star Wars canon, therefore as a public service I'd like to remind all TRUE Star Wars fans to make sure they aren't wearing or owning, or having any of their companions wear, any Revan gear. TRUE Star Wars fans, in order to demonstrate their superior knowledge, loyalty and overall betterness, are encouraged to avoid playing the Order of Revanites storyline on Drumond Kass or running The Foundry flashpoint mission, as these bits of content deal with the unseemly and unworthy non canon Revan character. To be on the safe side, George Lucas himself has recently advised me that serious fans should also avoid obtaining HK-51 as a companion, since he is similarly non canon and also carries the double black mark of having been created by a non canon character. As a final reminder, TRUE Star Wars fans are encouraged to bathe exclusively in Windex glass cleaner not for reasons relating to canon or non canon issues, but because Lucas himself and a number of (I'm told) high ranking Disney executives find it entertaining to think that you do so. Carry on, or should I say Live long and prosper?
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