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It wasn't mentioned, but all Rakata medpacks and stims require a certain level of biochem just to use. Sadly all the exotech quality of medpacks and stims are much better than the Rakata equivalent. It should be no suprise that that exotech sells very well on the GTN. If we (biochems) can't sell medpacks and stims on the GTN, because they remove the skill requirement on reusable items -what will we sell? Biochem will go the way of crystal crafting- pointless. Since the cartell crystals are avalable.
Even though the exotech biochem items are vastly superior, the convienence of reusable items unbound to a prerequisite or skill would crash the market.
"much better"?
"vastly superior"??

Maybe I'm nitpicking here and the issue is admittedly subjective, but this strikes me as a bit of an overstatement. Rakata stims boost the primary stat by 112 points and a relevant secondary stat by 46 points. By comparison, exotech stims, the ones that are "much better" and "vastly superior" boost the same stats by 128 and 52 points respectively, an increase of less than fifteen percent. Noticeable perhaps, although to some even that would be debatable, but "vastly superior"?....

Sir do you bychance work for a major political party, or perhaps earn your living commentating professional sports of some kind? If so then this sort of hyperbole makes sense, otherwise it seems a bit of a stretch at best.
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