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My guild has been slowly working through EC HM for awhile now. Being a casual guild, we're pretty thrilled that we can one shot all the bosses (cept when the minefield screws us over hard with random glitches) leading up to Kephess.

We are (typically) golden all the way up to the point where Kephess drops down. Then things go south quickly. Here is what we are doing right at the start of when Kephess drops down (HM):

Our powertech tank taunts Kephess the moment he falls, and one of our healers is assigned to our powertech. Our juggernaut tank taunts the bomber, and we burn down the bomber. During this phase, we do NOT tank swap after the bleed get puts on our powertech tank. This actually doesn't cause a problem for us, since our healer can heal through the bleed damage on our powertech tank (who is on Kephess), as long as he is constantly moving/backing up away from Kephess.

When Kephess reaches 60%, we all go hide behind the entrance wall, and keep out our Sorc DPS'ers and sorc healer (so that when he pulls everyone in, the Sorc's can force sprint out, and the rest of us are behind the wall and don't get into the AoE).

Now here is the problem starts! We know about the tank swap. But we never get that far, because our powertech tank just drops like a rock the moment Gift of the Master's (the AoE pull channel) thing is over. If he stands still, Kephess will gash him for 12k a hit. Please note that Breath of the Master's has NOT been cast at this point. Our powertech is full campaign, and well-optimized, but he gets GASHED. I've watched videos of other Kephess fights, and the tanks just stand there and take it from him. How?! Are we missing something? Our powertech's damage reduction is at like 53% with a shield/absorb rating both close 50%.