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I was asked to send a copy of a photo ID as well. I did some research and if you are using a Visa or Mastercard it is against your Privacy Rights for a Merchant to ask you for your ID. Also, they can not deny your purchase if you refuse to show it. It is one thing if i was in a store and the cashier asked to see my ID I would probably show it but, to send you a copy of my ID is just out of line. I will be calling CS about this issue when I get time.
Agreed. Showing it to a cashier or to the nice officer who pulls me over for speeding is one thing. Sending it electronically to a company that may or may not be taking the appropriate steps to protect my information is quite another. When queried the fantastically well informed and well trained CSR staff claim no knowledge of any other workarounds other then sending them an ID. Which, by some of the other posts in this thread, sounds like a big load of the brown, stinky stuff.

29 days until my sub expires. at which point they'll be out my 180 day subscription plus whatever CC purchases I may or may not have made. Last I checked, the game needed a subscriber or two.........