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01.13.2013 , 11:36 AM | #2
Either full TK or Balance should get you well over 1500 DPS on the dummy with those stats.

This is the build I use for balance:

Some people put three points in Clamoring Force instead of Inner Strength, but I prefer the additional boost to force management as it allows me to use project now and again.

Balance rotation is fairly easy. Make sure Sever Force and Weaken Mind are always up on the target. Do not re-apply until they disappear from the target's debuffs. Otherwise, you will clip that last ticks of damage. TK Throw is your filler ability. Use Force in Balance on cooldown with wrath-proc'd Mind Crush on cooldown as well. You can even throw a project now and again although not on cooldown. You also want to use Force Potency on cooldown. Time it so that you use the first charge of potency on TK Throw and the second one on Force in Balance.

I'll let someone else speak to a full TK build as I haven't used it in a while and would probably mess up if I tried to give min/max advice.