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01.13.2013 , 10:44 AM | #8
This must be a bug of somekind. I re subbed about 5 days ago and got the 500 coins instantly. For those that havent recieved them. Since the CS appear to be holodaying in Vancouver or something., i'll pull a customer service Representative here.

Check your ledger, Just incase If the ledger shows no coins, or coins have been added but it hasnt been changed ingame. Put in a Ticket or Call up customer service. I believe it would be best to Call because this sounds like an account issue which cannot be delt with ingame.

Alternatively, Continue posting your rage, as this fuels the darkside, and this will hopefully be heavily looked into when the CS peoples get back OH and thank your for your patience and understanding

Right, I think i filled their shoes nicely. Good luck on getting your coins soon peeps