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01.13.2013 , 08:22 AM | #13
One last question

how do you all give out mats in a pug ops ... I wonder ..

IF you answer it how I think you will I won't say anymore . because this will be point less ..

at the start of each SM EC and SMTFB I ask if they all are gonna run Both then I lay out the loot rules for mats .. which are if we all stay togather for both we get mats at the end of both if were not all gonna run both then stay at the end we will roll for the mats as for the boss loot I do this in HM as well as SM it stys on Group loot ... ) I will ML at each chest .. I think its very unfair that one player should get the stack and most in my OPS like those rules,and I do that
in HM or SM .. and at each boss I change to loot back to group loot .. and if you need the fight explain I am more then willing to just say you don't know it ..

SO who respect who and who is a team player here I do indeed care but don't like to be forced to do some thing I don't want to .. just my thought like I said I didn't want the negative effect I got here .. with this post ...