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Wow. This is an interesting thread. I can't think up a whole lot of ideas that weren't thought up by other guys.

JEDI: Saladin. Great guy (compared to many of the Crusaders he fought of that time at least), great leader, great tactician

JEDI: Charles Martel (DARNIT - somebody beat me to this one!) excellent leader who unified France and beat an overwhelming Moorish force to save Christianity

JEDI: William Wallace? He was a savage no doubt, but perhaps he could have used Mace Windu's Vapaad form to counter the passion and lust for battle inside him? Anyhow he was perhaps a little too passionate to be a Jedi, but he did what it took for freedom.

JEDI: Gandhi - duh

Yeah... a lot of these (most of them) had already been taken. But the point is is that I agree with them so I essentially reposted some of these historical people.