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Cybertech is by no means a bad go, however let me offer an alternative. If you're going to do armormech AT ALL, by far the character to do it on is trooper, imo. There are 3 main reasons:

1. Tanno Vik boasts the only +5 crit to armormech in the game, wheras the only way to obtain +5 crit to cybertech is through the purchasable sensor for your ship droid, this making it potentially available to ANY class. MX-6 (or whatever your tanking droid companion is named when you're a trooper) has +5 crit to scavenging, which is equally useful for both armormech crafting and cybertech, since presumably you'd be taking scavenging either way.

2. ALL of a troopers companions have AIM as their primary stat. Unless I'm mistaken, this is the only class in the game where all of one's comps (or even close really) all share the same primary stat. What this means is that while going to the effort to RE and craft up to purple level armors while leveling is arguably wasteful for any other class since only yourself and maybe one other companion can use them, this isn't the case when a trooper takes armormech. It's more worthwhile to spend the time and materials needed to learn a purple recipe if you're going to be making not just one for yourself, but yourself and all your companions save one (the tanking droid obviously takes droid parts)

3. Armormech helps you stay current/improve more gear slots than any other crafting skill in the game BY FAR. While each of the others helps with one or two, armormech helps with half a dozen. On a trooper, again this isn't just half a dozen slots for you, but each of your companions as well, save the previously mentioned droid.

For these reasons, I recommend going armormech on a trooper, especially if you're planning to put the time and energy into crafting to learn purple armor recipes. Oh and btw, when people tell you you can't sell any of those purple armors on the GTN because everyone just uses modable stuff, just smile and nod and then trust me and put a few up for sale at reasonable prices. When *everyone* knows it, it aint' necessarily so.
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