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easing f2p restrictions and so on.
I don't think F2P restrictions should necessarily be eased up. it's a very big game with a hell of a lot of content. Letting free players see the whole lot would make subscriptions entirely pointless. The devs would run out of money very quickly and then bam, nobody's got the game to play, free or paid.

Having said that maybe the F2P restrictions COULD be less restrictive, I honestly wouldn't know as I've been subscribing from launch.

Quote: Originally Posted by Katano View Post
What i mean by that is there are a few complaints that have been around since the start such as a light side Jaesa romance or using romance as a reason to turn Ashara to the darkside. Once those are taken care of then maybe same-sex romance can be looked at.
Not to put too fine a point on it but How About No. SGRAs have been a concern since well before launch. Don't try to use age of complaint as a factor that's even slightly valid because SGRAs will beat a lot of other issues based on that alone.

So once the already-extant OGRAs are tweaked in a manner that you find more pleasing 'then maybe same-sex romance can be looked at'? How damn entitled do you want to be? 'What I have must be perfect before anything even close to similar can be looked at for you, and even then it's only a maybe'?

No. That's not even close to suitable. I suggest you have a good long look at your own internal priority queue and ask yourself why it is that we aren't allowed anything, imperfect or no, before you get even more of what you already have.
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