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Hard one this, almost every person in history was an aggressor to someone.

Jedi: Jesus, as a healer and teacher. Ghandhi, as a pacifist and nonviolent leader. Thomas Aquinas, as a healer of animals.

Sith: Julius Ceasar, a violent conqueror. Lucretia Borgia, a poisoner and manipulator. English teachers, for making people read shakespeare, which is below modern standards and linguistically outdated, shear torture.

Please note that almost anyone connected with a war would be veiwable as a sith, as there are at least two sides to any conflict, and war is by nature BRUTAL.
Peace can be found, above all passions. Through passion, I may gain strength.
Through strength, I may gain power. Through power, I may gain victory.
But for every enemy fallen, a new foe rises.
For every chain broken, new chains bind me. Only the Force can set me free.