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01.13.2013 , 04:42 AM | #7
Firstly thank you for the quick replys.

xGBox that article you referenced was interesting. It specificly states shield comes into play, but according to your own and Darth Dreselus' testing, defense and shield do not apply to guard damage, only armour resistances from kin/eng/int/ele, which includes the buffs from some defensive cooldowns. Is that correct?

RendValor, are you suggesting that guard damage is then mitigated twice, once by the target, after which it is spilt and then mitigated by the tanks armor? Because from my own personal albeit breif experience, using defensive cooldowns certainly appears to help mitagate this damage.

I just find it interesting that within a few hours there were posts from several conflicting viewpoints, which goes to show that this is not a widely understood mechanic.