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2. Planning tactics and execution. GF does not take rDPS or mDPS into account when queuing for any FP, let alone LI. During the LR-5 fight, the range of the DPS determine the tactics that should be used to defeat the boss. Both DPS need to be the same type: Two Ranged DPS or two Melee. If you have one of each, the group will wipe because the tank will be forced to DPS and Tank to compensate for the out of place DPS. This makes a relatively easy fight more difficult.
Simply not true.

While the makeup of your DPS does help determine which strategy to use, wheter it is keeping the boss in the center or taking the boss around the room with you. You can easily clear it using either strat with a melee and ranged dps. In fact one of my cleanest runs was just this.

We had a madness sorc, a heal sorc, a veng jugg(me) and a jugg tank.

We kept the tank stationary with the healer and the sorc moving around the room when they got lightning orbs. If I got a lightning orb, I would simply intercede out (also giving the healer a nice threat wipe), drop the orb outside and then charge back in, usually catching a free interupt with force charge. The healer and ranged dps then move on as if they had gotten the lightning orb themselves.

Lost Island is only difficult if you have people not paying attention to mechanics and not doing their job. As a melee DPS with all instants (except for ravage which I can easily cancel out of) I realize my number 1 priority for that fight is not to tunnelvission DPS but to interupt incenerate as quickly as I possibly can. This frees up my ranged dps to do more damage, since ranged dps are for the most part casters. When I do LI on my tank my priority is to minimize as much damage being dealt, proper use of taunts, positioning and defensives like shroud(allows me to completely bypass an incenerate).

Lost Island, has always been a co-ordination and mechanic check. The enrage timers are pretty lax on all the fights. I generally go with the rule of thumb in my guild, if you can perform well in LI, you will do fine in EC and TFB.
If you suck at LI and cant execute your roll effectively, you probably wont be getting a slot in EC and beyond.
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