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01.13.2013 , 01:14 AM | #670
I'm still crashing and waiting for a fix. 2 patches since I posted my error reports, and nothing fixed yet. The new nVidia drivers didn't do anything for me. I usually crash when I'm crafting, but that is only an extra trigger. I've crashed while just standing still next to a med droid. It's getting worse, not better. The crashes are coming more frequent, and they're getting easier to trigger.
I have tried with and without TeamSpeak running. Makes no difference. I still crash either way. I have tried NOT crafting at all. Still crash. I have turned up, and turned down my graphics settings. No difference. I've overclocked, and reset to default all of my bios settings. No change. I've made a video recording of myself intentionally crashing my game. I can play Darkspore, Spore, Kotor, Kotor2, WoW, Mechwarrior Online, Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars, and even Mass Effect 3, all without any issue. I never get a crash on ANYTHING, except SWTOR. I can leave my computer on and running for days on end, and never have a problem. If I walk away from SWTOR and leave my character standing still, I can guarantee that it will crash before I come back in 10 minutes.

I'm going to get rid of this game if it isn't fixed. I've been active on these forums, and subscribed since launch. I'm not one of those gripers who want's to brag about how long I've been playing, I'm just reaching my breaking point. I have been really patient with this issue. I've sent in all of the information that has been asked of me. My CS ticket in game is still open, and I haven't yet received a response from my e-mail reply to Tech Support. As I have said, there have been 2 patches since I lodged my complaint on this issue. It needs to be fixed. I can assure you, that if this were happening with my Electricity supplier, or my Gas supplier, I wouldn't be tolerating it, and I don't understand why you, BioWare, expect me to.

Please give us some form of response to this, other than "We know that there is a problem." Give us a heads up, and let us know if there is anything that we can help with. There are tons of people on these forums that have the technical know-how to help address this problem. Don't turn a blind-eye to what could potentially be a valuable resource.

Please fix this. I don't know how much more I can put up with. My enjoyment of this game has been completely sapped. I haven't even logged in more than 3 hours over the past week because of this problem. I really want to be able to play again.

Thanks in advance.
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