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Apologies this is quite lengthily

They followed the way Revan gained power

I have often wondered how the Jedi have such strength and force of will to take on their mighty enemies.
I have read many books of the EU as well as the many wikis and they give me answers yet it still puzzles me.
I know for one thing that Jedi are devoid of emotion and use their alignment to the light side of the force for their power as well as maintaining serenity but at the same token can calmness alone really give you the edge in battle?

I also know that the light side does in fact give Jedi various abilities such as "object movement" or "force push" and even more offensive abilities like "force status". However, again this brings me back to my question, I understand the the force is dark and light as such their are different abilities for both sides but wouldn't a Jedi truly be powerful if their teaching allowed them some Sith influences? I mean if we look at Revan he was both Sith and Jedi but he was not inherently evil and does not kill the innocent yet he had the combined strength of both. Did this not make him the ultimate Jedi? Also on the reverse what if the Sith were to learn from the Jedi like their ability to remain calm and focused. I mean if say a Sith Lord mastered the dark side in such a way that they did not need to revert to base emotions all the time wouldn't this make them the even more powerful?

Tel me what you think.
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