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I try to kill the commander first because it breaks the mind shield and then the tank can taunt properly and now you have a classic tank and spank text-book situation which should be totally do-able. Some-one mentioned this as well but ill reiterate. RDPS should be on the 2nd floor right where you meet the pilot chick and then climb out on the light-post just slighting stick out of the wall. This give RDPS a great advantage they can not be attacked (except for the commander of course). If the RDPS grabs arrgo the 2 bosses will have to run all the way up the stairs to 2nd floor once they get close just jump off the ledge ( they wont jump off with you instead their *******es will run all the back down to the 1st floor).

That my take on the Kaon boss
HERE HERE best way and a lot wont do it they insist its not doable that way Idc ether way its all fun to me ...