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Earlier, I would have been on the side of the non speed run guy, assuming that he needed the gear, but now that tionese gear is free, there is no possible excuse that anyone could give to do it the long way since all of the bosses except for the last one drops tionese.
I guess my whole point is this falls in to a few posts I have read on the forums about the GF and players skipping stuff ,, why should we do a full run if its one HM a day is all we do . we don't need a thing and I would not ask any one to gear me up , this game is so easy to do it. you know you cant realty give a good enough reason to , but that me , in a way I'm sorry came here and made this post in a way I'm not but others I know ingame got a big lol out of it , as I did ..

and now I wish there was a delete button on the forums , unless I'm missing I don't see .. ..