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Maybe run it like the royal rumble. Meaning, start with a predetermined number of participants, letís say 8 (4 guilds, 2 ppl each). Then after a minute or 2 (we can have a time keeper that yells "number 12 is next...go!") the next person jumps in and so forth. Each guild can be given a number to know when they are going to send someone and we can have a few unguilded ppl (I volunteer since I have no affiliation to any guild so I think I would be a perfect fit) to maintain the peace and make sure ppl arenít jumping in early or randoms that just wanna be...well you know.

Just an idea that way depending on how many guilds/ppl take in on the action, some rules/times or what can be changed. If I were to take part, could I create a 1 person guild called "OMG" a.k.a "One Man Gang" and be in it? Just kidding. I will be willing to play secruity tho with some others.
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