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Reactivate Server transfers now, ESPECIALLY so that old players coming back to the game can use their previous servers prior to the merge on the servers they want to be on with others with whom they want to play.
So much agreed with this palyer. I started at the launch but at that time it was too bugged and no offence all have to start somewhere. Now im back and really happy to see what a couple of month could do to a game, but i was also away in the short transfer periode. Now im on a new server and miss my 50 sentinal that totally useless waste of time, on another server...
Plz make a option for the old comeback subber, i now its hard work with free to play but what about them that pay you mounthly salary so you can feed your kidds. do we just have to wait until the free slackers have what they want ?!

Plz make a option NOW