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I feel like my grandparents as I begin to type this post but here we go....

When I played this game back in the a year ago.... we had to grind up comms to buy bags with other comms in them to get Centurian gear...and then Champion gear...and then we had to buy bags for Battlemaster gear on the CHANCE that we would get a Battlemaster comm...and the chance you'd get one was really pretty lame.

Currently in game....

You youngins now get a nice little present at level can either start out with a full set of recruit gear or get a nice little chunk of change.

Not only that but you can buy weapons prior to level 50 that have expertise in them, and if you so desire you can build your own set of expertise gear with a little patience and coin.

Not only that but the regular warzone comm cap has been raised quite a bit since the game's release so you can horde a bunch of comms for when you hit 50.

Not only that but you can start buying rated warzone comms at level 40 to cap those comms as well.

Not only that but you have the option to remove mod/armor/enhance from your other toons' gear and ship them to your newbie via Legacy gear.

Not only that but the price on the same War Hero gear that many of us spent months grinding comms to purchase now costs the same as the Battlemaster gear did.

Not only that but the Elite War Hero gear is a TINY step up from the regular War Hero gear which in ITSELF closes whatever gap you THINK might have existed before its release.

In conclusion...the gear gap has never been more closed. It's sealed. So stop wasting your time complaining on forums and start PVPing...which will then allow you to personally close your own gap in more ways than one.

And while you're at it...get off of my lawn.

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