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It's a phenomenon that unfortunately is quite common in game communities. In WoW it was housing, or generally role playing content, that functioned as the scapegoat, people laying blame on people wanting it in since they would for some reason get less of a game because of that. Interestingly, when Blizz listened to the "vast majority" who didn't care about role playing content, they created "Cataclysm" and tanked. Now MoP is considered to be rather successful, I might suggest for the amount of fluff and RPG content it possesses, but there would still be people on the official WoW boards who'd tell me I'm wrong and suggest I should go elsewhere to find the game that's "for me".

Whenever someone brings up the "majority" argument, be very aware, since if what they suggest really reflects the opinions of "the vast majority", the vast majority is stupid.

On another note, I've been inspired by the recent discussions here (been lurking) and wrote something about being a female gamer and how we're some kind of a mystery to gaming companies. If you'd like to read, you'll find it here:

It has a reference to the lack of SGR in SWTOR as well, if only a minor one.
It sould 3.3 million copies int he first 24 hours and recieved good critical reviews. How exactly did WoW: Catalysm...tank?