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Greetings Vgyer,

Thanks for contacting us. As avimeso has put it, unfortunately we don't currently have a time frame for when this service will be available.

Sr. Producer Blaine Christine had this to say in response to a question regarding when transfers would become available:

We would advise regularly checking for any updates on this service.

Thanks for your patience.

This honestly is a cop-out. Due to the server transfers with the server consolidation last summer taking place, the mechanic is already available. So what is the delay in making this a full fledged feature of the game for subscribers or via the cartel market.

I have multiple characters on the Jung Ma server from when I played last spring and early summer. after joining a gaming community through another game I learned that they also played SWTOR. I was looking forward to playing with them until I realized that the server transfer feature launched more than 6 months ago was no longer in service.

Reactivate Server transfers now, ESPECIALLY so that old players coming back to the game can use their previous characters on other servers prior to the merge on the servers they want to be on with others with whom they want to play.