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01.12.2013 , 05:41 PM | #9
I've got a suspension on my account for swearing in a warzone.

I argued that people that shut off the filter choose to see swearing in game but that didn't seem to matter to them. I understand creating a healthy gaming environment but getting after people for cussing is completely crazy. First off you CHOOSE to turn it on so you can see it, 2nd the game is rated t for teen so being that it is a mature gaming crowd cussing should be expected, third people can choose to turn off chat all together.

The worst part about getting banned for swearing is that when I sent a email to their support to dispuit it they never got back to me, later a CS REP contacted me about a ticket I put in about something non related and once I was done talking to them they asked if I needed help with anything else, I told her what had happened and I'd like a reply back about the suspension and she replied telling me they never recieved a email from me. I have resent the email 2 times now with no contact back. I feel like this is a form of abuse from bioware.