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01.12.2013 , 05:39 PM | #1
Hi guys.

Looked around alot for an explanation, and thought i would ask those that know best when i couldn't find anything. Switching from dps to tank for pvp, and wanted to know exactly how damage from gaurd was allocated and mitagated?

Is half the raw damage number taken and given to me, and then mitagated by my armor? Is the damage mitatgated through my gaurded targets defense's, then given to me and i can't do anything with it other than have a high hp and cop it on the chin?

From the little i have played, It feels as if my defensive cooldowns (warding call etc) help to mitagate gaurd damage, but not my armour. Is this correct?

I have a few ideas i would like to try with gear, but it all depends on how guard damage is assigned and then mitagated.

Thanks for any help!