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This is a huge issue in this game and sometimes its a gamebreeaking experince. Though the video you posted isn't the best expample the ones that really are gamebreaking is crossing firetraps then being stun-warped back into them in huttball. Also having someone leap to someone sitting on a ledge and seeing them fall down 2-5 secs while they have actually been up top the whole time.
Will try to get a better example. The main problem is that I do not have any editing software, and the fraps demo can only record 30 seconds at a time.

But yes. It is clearly the worst in huttball. At times I've been force pushed into the fire pit while it is heating up. I've used my CC breaker and then popped force speed to try and get out, only to stutter back in. The stutter in my video is actaully a relatively mild case. Will try to get a caption of a more severe case of it.