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01.12.2013 , 05:16 PM | #4
This is a huge issue in this game and sometimes its a gamebreeaking experince. Though the video you posted isn't the best expample the ones that really are gamebreaking is crossing firetraps then being stun-warped back into them in huttball. Also having someone leap to someone sitting on a ledge and seeing them fall down 2-5 secs while they have actually been up top the whole time.

Things like this need to be fixed. Also after the last patch I have noticed my ping go up from the normal 71-73 to a 90-94 consistantly. I get the feeling bioware might have added in software to monitor peoples in game actions on the fly and I might be someone they are watching since I've been reported for twinking (aka I have full purples on all my low level toons)