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everyone on my server has swore ... you have lied if you say otherwise, you don't see me going on server forums and reporting everybody there, if you look you find.

would you report someone for calling an afk on your team an id*** ? because that breaks T&C as well but you can understand it due to this person causing your team to fail at a game you could have won. i am sorry but the are exceptions to the conditions in the T&C this game is rated mature so you should expect it to happen when players excited i admit dont mean it is right but you ignore it

in ops chat you may hear this after a close warzone i cant believe we lost this warzone those guys played ******* great. (if goes on to offend the afk with constant abuse after the player has said sorry he had an emergency irl then you can think about reporting because he is in the wrong)

i admit i dislike it in public chat but after 6 years of mmo's i am use to it.
Irrelevant. The manner in which you use the profanity is not part of it. The rules say that it is a violation to type out the profanity in in-game chat channels. The rules do not say "But if you use it to mean this, it is ok." The rules say do not type these words in chat for any reason. If I personally type out a bad word and another player reports me, I will be punished. It is the same for every other player in the game. If this is something that players cannot abide by, they should not play the game. Or they will be possibly removed from it.

if this is the case i answered you then ... you should not need an official response report harassment works the same as report spam which you do through mail (they are both official ways to report users, Tickets do not waste the time of the receiver as they are sent to the correct department if you make your ticket correctly ) if not then all that would happen is you have set it as a request for help and they will forward it to the correct area
You will have to forgive me if I say that I will not take your word for it. You do not work for Bioware and do not represent Bioware or their products in any way shape or form. I want official confirmation that the feature works the way I THINK it does. If it does not, I will no longer use it.
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