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Two things -

First, @neohunterunico, I only have to respect the fact that people can have their own opinions. I am not obliged to respect the actual opinion they hold, especially if it isn't based in any fact or even in reality. In fact, I am just as entitled to hold an opinion that their opinion is a bunch of rubbish, and they should respect the fact that I can hold that opinion, even if their opinion of my opinion is that mine is rubbish too.

Second, the whole thing with character models is kind of a short cut many games (not just SWTOR) take because making scalable textures (for armour and the like) is a rather time consuming endeavour. Some games scale their character creation more, but you'll notice that most MMOs go for a simplistic approach - which might, in fact, have some scale sliders, but those sliders are limited in what they can do. Just look at Skyrim, a game known for it's attention to detail, and you'll see that you can't change your character's height, the weight sliders are quite limited, and most of the sliders are to do with the character's face.

At least in SWTOR we get a choice of four distinct body types (one very thin, one "normal", one significantly tall/muscular model, one "fat" model) even if they are uneven between male and female (the "fat" model in particular). If you're going to complain about extreme (and unrealistic) gender dimorphism in games, might I suggest you go and vent your annoyance at WoW first.

(And so I'm not comparing an apple to an orange - the character customization in GW2 might seem like it's probably more involved than in SWTOR, but the difference in heights you can choose is limited, and the difference in physiques are mostly illusionary based on skin texture, not on significant differences to the model.)
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