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So of course, the person I talked to last night put no notes on my account and I was forced to go through my entire spiel/history/answer the same stupid questions again today. I forced the new CSR to give me ticket number this time around. Sat on hold for about an hour, finally got another live body. Yes, they are indeed experiencing a global issue which they're working diligently to fix. Yes, there isn't a problem with my card(no ****). Yes, there is a work around. Simply reply back to an email they're going to send me(still haven't received it 10 minutes later) with an attached photo ID and in 24-48 hours they'll be able to again process my preferred payment method.

When queried the gentleman on the phone did not have an ETA as to when they may have a global fix in place.

*heavy sigh*
Of course, no email. So I'm back on hold with CS. Can anyone else confirm/deny them asking for a photo ID as a workaround? I'm not very keen on sending them one.....