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everyone on my server has swore ... you have lied if you say otherwise, you don't see me going on server forums and reporting everybody there, if you look you find.

would you report someone for calling an afk on your team an id*** ? because that breaks T&C as well but you can understand it due to this person causing your team to fail at a game you could have won. i am sorry but the are exceptions to the conditions in the T&C this game is rated mature so you should expect it to happen when players excited i admit dont mean it is right but you ignore it

in ops chat you may hear this after a close warzone i cant believe we lost this warzone those guys played ******* great. (if goes on to offend the afk with constant abuse after the player has said sorry he had an emergency irl then you can think about reporting because he is in the wrong)

i admit i dislike it in public chat but after 6 years of mmo's i am use to it.

Quote: Originally Posted by Hyde_v View Post
Frankly, comments like the previous poster's saying to "lighten up" are simply derailing the thread. There are options (and rules) about that sort of thing too.
correction we are not derailing the thread hyde, the rule is do not go of topic and we are not going of topic because we are discussing the set of rules with the language used, well i know that is what i am attempting to do.

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The defence of "well its only offending one person" is really not valid. It's the same in the real world, you don't expect that kind of language in a public place around lots of different people and there are "laws" that would counter it.
response to "well its only offending one person" i did not mean this but some times you don't know the reasons behind why 2 people talking like that in general chat is, you should just say could you take that chat to whisper please

you don't expect that kind of language in a public place around lots of different people. (response to) you don't live in essex in england do you... every other word is the f word when around the younger audiance, even in real music like this you get swearing so tell me again it don't happen in public

I want to see a Bioware rep confirm that using the window option is the same as opening a ticket. Otherwise, people using this feature are wasting their time.
if this is the case
but yes they have chat logs so it all works the same
i answered you then ... you should not need an official response report harassment works the same as report spam which you do through mail (they are both official ways to report users, Tickets do not waste the time of the receiver as they are sent to the correct department if you make your ticket correctly ) if not then all that would happen is you have set it as a request for help and they will forward it to the correct area
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