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Gearing sub 50 is pointless unless you immediately get all orange gear. Even then the mods from vendors are meh at best. Other gear is just gonna be messing with your stat values the whole time you level. The info on what stats you need is correct though, but just focus on Willpower first and know that any secondary and tertiary stats you may want are power/crit/surge/alacrity. Do not take anything with accuracy/defence/shield/absorb. Endurance also just comes on the gear regardless so there is no point focusing on it. As to how much of the sec/ter stats? Since you are not going to reach diminishing returns with sub 50 gear unless you focus solely on surge or alacrity it really makes no difference. Once you reach 50 it is time to mod your gear, read Onager's thread on the values you want (and even those are a general guide the exact numbers will depend on preference, play style and currently available mods.)

For Force management it's all about rotations. What also helps immensely is resting between pulls, just let the team know that you need a few seconds after each pull to regen Force with your rest ability, particularly as a healer.
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