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You people that assume everyone should have max comms pre-50 make me sad. Now personally, I did have max comms on all of my chars as I mainly pvp. However, not being a total ahole and understanding that this game's pvp would benefit from an influx of new players then it is plain to see that players that decide to pvp after 50 should not be punished this severely.

I am sorry for you people that can't see this as you must be really angry to hate them so much even when it will hurt your gameplay experience as there will be less players and less development money going into pvp if they don't continue to play pvp.

Also, remember this game's main focus was the pre-50 pve experience. Many new players might get into the game for that. Then, if they have a decent experience, they might find pvp fun and start pvp'n. Some of these players will be great pvp'rs as well. Get over yourselves.

I think many of you are just afraid of having any competition. I bet many of the people against better gear for new 50s are against premade matching as well.
In my experience, bad players will blame gear for their defeat. Thinking it has NOTHING to do with their current skill level. It's by nature that people want to believe they are very good at their class and use it to 100% potential. However, this is almost never reality, and most of these bad players that complain about gear gap use their class to not even 50% of it's potential. This is the truth, and if you disagree, then you should go play GW2.