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01.12.2013 , 12:20 PM | #2
1 wants to do a long run and 3 wanted to do a speed run, you wanted to do a speed you so you left even though you were in the majority? I could see your leave if it was 3 to 1 wanting a full run, or 2 to 2, but don't really see it if you were in the majority.

I have no problem with people leaving, but they way you described I can fully understand getting upset if I wanted a speed run and I was dps in that group. I waited forever, the majority wants to do it fast, but the healer is leaving even though we want to do it the healer’s way. What was it the tank that wanted to do it the long way? Maybe that I could understand.

This is just my way of doing it, the standard I hold myself to, I do not expect anyone else to do this. I will not queue for a HMFP unless I have time to complete it the long way. Trust me I want a speed run there is nothing there for me. Even the biometric crystal alloy we have over 300 in the bank and I have over a 100 on two toons. There is nothing I need, but if I get into a group, I will finish with that group unless I DC or get kicked (never been kicked yet). If the majority of the group wants to do it the long way, I will do it the long way. If the tank is 13k HP, I will find away to get the entire group though. I just look at signing up in group finder as giving my word to complete the HMFP with the group. Besides one DC, one time in HMLI when two under geared, under skilled fresh 50's on dps and my first time way under geared in D7, I have never failed to complete a HMFP I have started. So three times out of hundreds I have failed to complete what I have started. Not an elite’s statement, just a commitment and stubborn statement. Like I wrote, I do not hold people to that standard. I understand not everyone can make the time or is as hard headed as me.