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Why can nobody seem to grasp this?

Yes, you can get through your average hard mode without following a kill order, but guess what, it just means more stress on your tanks/healers.... you know, the ones who had to enter group finder for your queue to actually pop?

And then those tanks/healers get tired of having to work extra hard to babysit braindead DPS, and stop queueing altogether, or only queue with guildies.

So please please please, respect the kill order. Its literally no extra work for a DPS, and it makes life far easier on your tanks and healers.
I disagree I love it when they all do there own thing makes healing for me more fun and more of something to look forward to . ... but you prolly think I'm Out of mind , but to that I'm a beast healer .... WC these kinda of things ,but it all depends on how well geared the group is and how good they are . IF the group is under geared go slow use CC etc and kill order and al way no matter what on any boss fight unless the DPS is plan awesome follow a kill order , ...