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My point was that Biowares works have suffered because they have relinquished control to EA and the griping fans. If the world would leave them alone perhaps they could get back to creating classics (remember them?!).

I did not have a problem with the ME3 ending. What did people expect? Oh sorry, they expected what they got when they bullied Bioware to re-write their version.

Artists, like football teams, have their glories and their low points. A loyal fan sticks with the team while hoping for improvement.

Those of you who have sworn at me or ridiculed me for my comments simply prove my point about some people being intolerant and aggressive. Don't swear at me pal!
lol talk more "#% if that is even possible! art? what art? u saw nothing wrong with ME3 ending? thats proves how little u actually understood about the lore surounding the series, ur lack of sences to see the massive plot-holes the ending had, makes me sad.... even the extended cut was far, very far from what the series deserved......

ur just brainwashed or braindead....

PS duno why i even waste my time in this idiotic thread... bb
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