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So I have been told different things as far as what the bet set up is for PvP healing.

One person said go full war hero/elite war hero...another said do 2 tionese+the rest war hero....does anyone know for sure which works the best for healing in WZ?
You don't want to go too low on expertise... under 900 seems drastic. I'd say anything under 1100 exp is too low for pvp.... you really shouldn't underestimate it.

What you should take into consideration is this:

- You want to min/max your gear towards willpower and secondary stats, those being power and crit. If you look at the WH/ Elite WH pieces, you'll see mods with 60 willpower and 12 secondary stat, as well as mods with 51 willpower and 39 secondary stat. ALWAYS go for the second type of mods - meaning the ones with less willpower and more secondary stat.

- Same goes for the enhancements. Go for the ones that have high amounts of power/ crit and surge.

- To make up for the loss in willpower, you can equip 3 of your pieces with Advanced Resolve Armoring 27. These pieces should be your belt, your bracers, and one other piece of your choosing.

- To be effective, your crit chance when buffed should be over 35%, I'd say around 38% would be optimal. The rest you should invest in power. Forget about alacrity, you REALLY don't need it - it's better for a healer to be casting slower but better heals rather than faster but smaller heals. Reserve your alacrity for 2 pieces only: War Hero Force-lord's MK-1 System, get both of these and you'll be fine

Hope I could help you here. You'll see that the numbers speak for themselves.
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