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Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to let you know that the savage vocal critics of Biowares recent productions do not represent the core base of Bioware fans in the world. I had my own criticisms of some of the game content of recent Bioware creations but, when the dust settles and I pause to look around at the other drivell on offer from game producers, I realise that Bioware games are still the best quality game entertainment by far.
still best quality? what universe u living on?

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The self-appointed assassins in the fan base are like spoiled brats who have too soon forgotten how Bioware lifted the gaming industry out of the realms of mediocre entertainment and into the realm of dynamic, quality creativity.
nobody has forgotten anything, on the contrary, we look dawn on Bioware now, cos we have seen the 2 faces of the coin, how good used to be their products and now how terrible they are...

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Bioware (and some other contributers) have created a new art form.
wasen't that their exact scuse after *********** up Mass Effect 3 ending? that it was ART?

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Most of the Bioware creations are more involving and submersive than films and certainly better value than any other form of entertainment. I congratulate and thank you and all the Bioware team, past and present, for the magnificent projects you have delivered to the gaming world. Unfortunately, many who have jumped on the Bioware band wagon are pretenders who are stil being weened off "Halo" and "Command and Conquer." They are ungrateful oinks who no longer recognise quality but are more intent on becoming little judges and advisors to real artists. I urge you to abandon this new policy of compromise, and allow Bioware the creative freedom it once enjoyed, unshacked by the whims of an untalented minority. Shakespeare would not consult his readers before writing his next classic play!

Please, for the sake of art and creativity, let Bioware, not the so-called fans, create the games. I do not speak for myself alone but also for many friends, family and aquaintences, all Bioware users.

I am Biowares loyal follower.
ur nobodys follower, ur just an indoctrinaded fanboy... stop branding people(including urself) as something they are not, 80% of the people who have been vocal to Bioware and who have lost their faith on them is becouse of good solid reasons... i really could not agree less with the ******** ur saying, and am not a Bioware hater or a troll, am one of the loyal fans who used to love their products... that ofcourse, before they went dawn in an spiral of mistake making....

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ps "EA" have not been good for Bioware but, I think you probably already know that don't you!
that is somethign we can actually agree on.

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To Bioware:
I remember the glorious times of SWKOTOR 1 and 2(even if u were not directly related to the second one), the time of Mass Effect 1(and even 2), the time of Dragon Age Origins, i remember all those days and years with joy and with a big sincere smile..... but the more i think of it nowdays, the more sadness and disappointment i feel.

I was once convinced that Bioware was the Best RPG makers out there, and the BEST game developers overall, i once looked up to Casey Hudson and saw a great man, someone i respect and admired.... But those days are long gone, and replaced by much darker ones, at one point u started making big mistakes regarding many things, u began breaking promises, u stopped listening to the wishes and needs of ur loyal consumers, u became greedy and arrogant, u lost the vision u once had, lost completely ur path, as a result of that; Dragon Age 2 was a piece of c.r.a.p in many regards; SWKTOR 3 was cancelled: SWTOR replaced SWKTOR 3, and to be realist , the ultimate truth is that this game has been a big fiasco; furthermore, what was maybe the biggest of all ur mistakes to the date: The ENDING OF MASS EFFECT 3. i consider that one, a big. nasty, spit in our face...

With Mass Effect 3 u lost most of ur loyal and older fans, the ones that had remained by ur side through this long journey. The very few that "remained loyal to some degree", have never really forgiven u entirely and have remained very skeptical about any of ur decisions from that moment on, sadly nobody is ever gona see Bioware the same way, and think of it as they did back in the days.
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