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Here's my PVP Healer's gear target, I'm still a few 63's short of this, but this is where I'm headed:

The goal for me was to get to:
- ~28% crit unbuffed, ~33% buffed
- Minimize anything with alacrity
- Everything goes for +power, then +surge
- Sacrifice HP/WP on mods/enhancements with higher +power/+crit stats
- Make up lost HP/WP by stacking Resolve Augments

Note: I believe the stats are wrong on the PVE armorings, just an FYI. The goal of these two set-bonus PVE armorings are to get the -1.5s cooldown decrease on Healing Trance. This ensures that you can basically following this approach to healing, where it works cool downs almost perfectly:

(1) Bubble target
(2) Rejuvenate target (provides crit % increase proc for HT)
(3) Healing Trance channel
(4) Deliverance (big burst)
(5) Rejuvenate target
(6) Healing Trance
(7) Deliverance
(8) Start from step one again

This maximizes your HPS, timers work out great to where there isn't much, if any, downtime to execute the next heal, and with this gear setup, can out heal 2 DPS targets focusing my heal target.

Good luck.
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