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A uninstall can't hurt, similarity I thought of was when you said the sound slider disappeared, and that you say you have issues installing. Least you still have your sense of humor

From the thread,
There is a folder called "win 7" after you unpacked the rar.file.
OPEN this win 7 folder.
Within this folder you will find another "setup" file.
Use this setup file and see if this will do the trick.

It did for me, as i can see now ALL of the menus. GREAT JOY!

Without any Vista drivers or compatibility setting.

Simply by using the setup file in the WIN 7 folder, avoiding the evil first one...
I tried looking within the folder of the 2011 version, and I can't seem to find any windows 7 folder. Dreaded luck of mine. If my OS is 64 bit would the windows xp compatability mode be 64 too? Or would it be 32? Maybe I could try with the 32 bit version instead of 64?