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Except he is right. Even on the 'Halo' part. Halo 4 is coming with multiplayer moderation where you can be banned for life for sexist remarks (which is sorely needed). Habbits of insults are not limited to Halo and people who would normally get pissy for being made fun of has no issue making the next person online feel like dirt. I do not know what actually happens behind the scenes at BW, I don't know who was the cause for so much quality degradation in this project but I have loved BW in the past and it does sadden me to see what this ambitious project has turned towards.

It's ok to get pissy when BW makes a bad change to a good thing in this game (because just as much as they are dedicated in making this game we are dedicated in playing it) but don't forget that we don't know what's going on behind scenes and that whatever is going on there are people people behind it. Real live people.

BTW I don't completely fall behind his post but I'm more for it than not.
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