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01.12.2013 , 07:48 AM | #1959
Honestly we all should have known with EA pushing the release date and stuff, they are just robbers and don't care about the games or fanbase.. Easily the worst company about, is there anyway people could bring down a huge company like EA because they have caused so many ****ups in the gaming industry its getting boring they don't learn from mistakes.. 2000 complaints and a near 200page thread and they still won't give us an answer, I don't think people understand how disgracefully bad that is for a company, DEATH to EA *********** ban me if you like I don't give a ****, any EA game in future ill use in the toilet not in a console or pc. I might just head on down the old GAME shop and buy myself a copy of WoW just to smite you sick/twisted money hungry thieving BAST@RDS