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01.12.2013 , 07:35 AM | #5
Check out the screenshot of customer Service reply in my 1st post And yes Velenias, I have such line in my account. You also my check the screenshot of my friend's invitation email from me, also in my 1st post.
And there is no longer 30 days pre-payed period. They made it free-to-play. In their FAQ it says you get a reward within 72 hours since the person subscribed, if not quote: "Contact Customer Service".

And reply of the customer service was - he didn't registered Although he did for sure, especially his reply to my topic here proves that he did. I wonder now, did customer service ever bothered checking my friend's account or just was to lazy enough and gave me the runaround.

That's not the way you treat your customer, especially the one who pre-ordered the game since July 2011, participated in beta and was playing since early-access (( I hope my "Founder" title means something after all. I hope you understand my frustration, especially after such customer service's reply.