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you have a proficiency filter for a reason as long as bad language is not spammed what is the problem? unless there aiming at you ofc then i understand the need to report it, called banter in most games and real life but harassment if they keep on doing it when they are doing to provoke you am i right?

but yes they have chat logs so it all works the same, you can just go into more detail of why you are offended etc in a ticket but you will not get a response because it works like a bug report and goes to a different department other than CS
The T&C's do not allow for "banter" or non-spammed foul language in the general chats - including WZ's etc.
There really is no need for it in the general channels. I'm sorry but I doesn't matter how "big" or "grown up" people are, such language has no place in an open chat environment as it will offend.
The defence of "well its only offending one person" is really not valid. It's the same in the real world, you don't expect that kind of language in a public place around lots of different people and there are "laws" that would counter it.