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Most customizable armor items have three modification slots: armoring, mod and enhancement. Bracers and belts are the exceptions, as they only have two.

All armor and weapons (so that leaves out implants, ear pieces and relics) can have "augment slots" added. Augment slots allow you to add a fourth (or 5th, in the case of weapons) item modification called an "augment" on the item. If you can craft armor, weapons or droid gear, a critical success on that item will yield the item with an augment slot appropriate for the level of the item. Otherwise, you'll need to get an augmentation kit and use a modification table to add it to the item.

The way you get augmentation kits is by either crafting them (if you have a crew skill that can do so), or you obtain them from someone who can.

In the case of your droid gear, it was not a customizable piece. However, since you crit on the assembly, it gained an augment slot. When you open the customization interface, the augment slot is at the bottom, separated from where the three common modifications would go. You probably failed to notice it because it's not a slot you're familiar with.
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