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01.12.2013 , 02:46 AM | #1
Good day dear Customer Services.

About 6 days ago I invited my friend to SWTOR using Friends of SWTOR program. However I still didn't recieve my reward regarding cartel coins and the speeder.

More than that I wrote ingame using ticket system that I have such a problem and recieved and answer from George, that my friend hasn't been registered. Here is a screenshot of his reply.

I'm very experienced player and long-time subscriber to this game, playing since beta, I know how the things done and I assure you that my friend recieved my invitation (here is a screenshot) and he registered the account and paid a subscribtion the same day he registered.

Here is his email he registered his account to (posting it with his permission) -

He currently plays the game as I'm writing this message. I'm very unhappy with the reply of the customer service and I ask you to investigate this issue more closely as it seems noone checked if my friend registered or not.

More than that I already invited 1 more friend. However seeing what's going on I intend to ignore firends of SWTOR program as its a total (well I won't swearing, but you know what I mean).

Dear Customer Service, please double check the current issue and let me know what's going on, its almost a week already and I still didn't get any rewards, which is very and very frustrating

Best Regards,