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I've tried all four imp classes and have fully beat three of them. I played "mostly light" for Bounty hunter though dark would probably be fine, most of your companions won't like hard core dark and the one that does is rather bland. My Inquisitor I started dark, but when light during Act 2 and stayed light for the rest, playing Dark for Inquisitor is fun though, companions here are pretty split, 3 are fairly dark while the other 2 are light. I'm still working on my Agent but he's pretty much light, though from what I hear Agent story is pretty mallable and works well for light and dark. My Warrior's the only one I really played Dark and I'm very glad I did, Vette's not really crazy about you being Dark but the rest respond really well to Dark choices most of the time and there's still enough room with him to be an honorable/loyal evil jerk, not just killing people for the Evilz.
If your only going one evil then I throw my vote towards the Warrior.
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