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01.11.2013 , 08:28 PM | #721
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friendly wager?

i'm going with they will attempt to placate to the long time suffering of the Mercenary class by giving them something quite overpowered.

only to be blown up in the forums and nerfed in an emergency patch.

as far as the wager...could be gentlemen's bet...something of value (don't think u are on the Garbinger...get it..garbage, oh, HO...whew!)

or something q'ing for RWZ's and SS'ing 10 matches to post here.

are you up for it? :P
If they actually give us something new, I don't think that the ability itself will be inherently OP. What will happen though is that the mercs and mandos that have become skilled in operating their toons under the current conditions will finally have an ability, or abilities, that put us on par with other classes and the end result is the other classes getting roflstomped.

Resulting QQ and instant nerf will still be the same though.