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My main is a sawbones, my first alt is a infiltration shadow (terrible dps, but a total blast to play), however in HM FP more times than not I get complimented on my dps by the healer or the tank. I look at mox and I am doing around 1400, with burst of 2200. Not exactly great considering my gear, but I am killing mods in the right order and using my interrupts and defensive cooldowns and when I do hit one of the high burst that crits which could causes me to pull aggro, I will hit Force Cloak or a defensive cooldown if force cloak isn't up.

So even if you are very average dps, kill in the right order and people will think you are very good dps.
high dps has alot less to do with beeing a good dps as killing things in the right order and using all your abilyties.
high dps with tunnelvision is bad dps imo. IŽd take a tioneese geared dps who knows how to be a teamplayer over a dreadguard geared player with tunnelvission anytime anyday